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We manage our company based on "the Principles."
by President Yasukuni Yamakawa

I believe it halfly depends on management principles whether we can achieve success. I do not simply think, of course, that we can succeed only by manegement philosophy, but I am still sure that management principles are very important factor in order for our company to survive and to be useful for society eternally. Sometimes we make a big hit and sometimes we gain temporary success with some business ability. But I deeply believe that it is the absolute requirement philosophy which is the fundametal spirit of our company in order for our company to continue to flourish for centuries. We always remind ourselves of this way of thinkig, make every effort to be useful for our customers, business connections and all the members concerned,and contribute to our society. To tell the truth, we are still inexperienced and afraid that in some cases we may trouble you , but we have a stronge decision to advance toward our goal step by step.
< The management philosophy of our company>
"We put value in the right and wrong than in the loss and gain, make our company contribute to the society and aim at the parmanent continuation."
2011/12/24 "TODAYA -A taste of Japan" opened at Kaifeng-city,Hena Province,China
2011/12/6 A new product "microfiber towel placed in the swimming goods page
2011/12/1 grad hiring guidance in fiscal 2012
2011/12/1 renewal of our homepage
2011/5/9 start handling the swimsuit approved by FINA
2011/4/26 updated a staff introduction page





made donations to aid the disater vicims of East Japan Great Earthquake Disaster

updated a staff introduction page

start the support of making design or tracing

An article of Sanwa appeared in the magazine "CHICHI" (which means realizing the true nature of things.)


"A word of this week"carried in this blog which is sent to all the employees of Sanwa inc.

Dance wear brand with which both adults and kids can enjoy
"SauSaGe Party Online Shop"
The japanese style restaurant of direct manegement by Sanwa at Kaifeng-city,Hena Province,China

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