We are the No.1company about small-sized lot and custom made production in Japan.
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 Characteristic of our product
  We have two company factories invested by 100% own financing in Nanjing City and Kaifeng City in China.
We can produce complete custom-made products by small lot in our factories.
In addition, we have rich knowledge and experience of production in China,because we have been producing a lot of custom-made goods
for many years in our company factories in China.
So we can meet the demand of the customer about the arrangement of foreign products as well as a custom-made product.
The products placed in our site are only just some examples.
Please contact us anytime,if you want to make something orignal.
We can produce complete custom-made bags in 100 and can also make a bag of semi-ordered that is changed about the constitution color partially.
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   Badges & pins
We can make various types of pins.
They are available as various charming accessories as well as a company emblem and an ordinary badge if some part is changed.
In addition, we handle a trophy and the medal.

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We make the T-shirt of the original design whose data or concept you offer us.
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   Athlete's number cloth
We make an original athlete's number cloth used in an event or a meeting on demand of the customer.
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   Swimming goods
We have various swimming articles as for the swimming cap, the goggles, the swimsuit, and the swimming schoolbag.
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   House brand
This is the brand-name products which we developed originally.

 - SauSaGe Party -
Original designed Dance wear goods to enjoy together from kids to adult
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   Other products
We make popular figure goods and PVC product as a sales promotion thing.
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