We are the No.1company about small-sized lot and custom made production in Japan.
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   Head office sales department
    Ichigaya Bld., 2002-12, Nizo, Toda-shi, Saitama,
(Approximately 1 minute walk from the East exit of JR Saikyo Line station north Toda)
Key number TEL: 81-48-431-0061 FAX: 81-48-431-3911
Section No.1 TEL: 81-48-494-3110 FAX: 81-48-431-3911
Section No.2 TEL: 81-48-494-3143 FAX: 81-48-431-3911
Section No.3 TEL: 81-48-494-3170 FAX: 81-48-431-3911
Section No.4 TEL: 81-48-497-2626 FAX: 81-48-431-3911
Sports Division TEL: 81-48-494-3144 FAX: 81-48-431-4451

President section/
Oversea enterprise section

TEL: 81-48-431-0079 FAX: 81-48-431-3911
Planning & development section TEL: 81-48-494-2004 FAX: 81-48-431-3911
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   Head office administration/Distribution center

1948, Nizo, Toda-shi, Saitama
(Approximately 9 minutes walk from West Exit of JR Saikyo Line station north Toda)

Key number TEL: 81-48-431-0055 FAX: 81-48-431-0780
Accounting, general affairs,and human resource department TEL: 81-48-431-0055 FAX: 81-48-431-0780
Production Engineering Department TEL: 81-48-494-2011 FAX:81-48-431-0780
Distribution section TEL: 81-48-494-1341 FAX:81-48-494-2031
Transcription room TEL: 81-48-431-0055 FAX: 81-48-431-0780
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   Osaka Office
    Yachiyo Bld.10th, 2-2-9, Minamimorimachi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan 530-0054
(Approximately 1 minute walk form the Minamimori Subway Station, Exit 1)
Key number TEL:06-6362-2330 FAX:06-6362-2340
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   company factory at Nanjing (Nanjing Sanwa Light Industry)
    Dongwang Moling TownJiang Ning Area,Nanjing, China 211111
Key number TEL: 86-25-52758377 FAX: 86-25-52757494
homepage http://www.sanwa-group.cn/
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   company factory at Kaifeng (Kaifeng Sanwa Light Industry)
    Nandan Dadao Jinming Henan Kaifeng City,China 475004
Key number TEL: 86-25-52758377
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 Monopoly agency
   Saitama monopoly agency
    1597-10, Omagi, Midori-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama,Japan 336-0923
contact TEL:81-48-876-2206 FAX:81-48-876-2206
person in charge Koichi Shimamori
E-Mail shimamori@sanwa-corp.co.jp
   Tokyo monopoly agency Double R Ltd.
    Hayashi Bld 1st., 2-14-7 nihonbasi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 103-0007  
contact TEL:81-3-5640-2206 FAX:81-3-5640-8610
person in charge Tsuyoshi Kozako
E-Mail vocalist@rokken-roll.com
   Hiroshima monopoly agency Yato Store Ltd.
    4-4-4, Hirokoshingai, Kure-shi, Hiroshima,Japan 737-0112
contact TEL:81-823-73-2265 FAX:81-823-73-2265
person in charge Shingo Yato
E-Mail shingo_810@k4.dion.ne.jp
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