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About us
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 「We manage our company based on "the Principles".」

 I believe it halfly depends on management principles whether we can achieve success. I do not simply think, of course, that we can succeed only by manegement philosophy, but I am still sure that management principles are very important factor in order for our company to survive and to be useful for society eternally.
Sometimes we make a big hit and sometimes we gain temporary success with some business ability.
But I deeply believe that it is the absolute requirement philosophy which is the fundametal spirit of our company in order for our company to continue to flourish for centuries.
We always remind ourselves of this way of thinkig, make every effort to be useful for our customers, business connections and all the members concerned, and contribute to our society.
To tell the truth, we are still inexperienced and afraid that in some cases we may trouble you , but we have a stronge decision to advance toward our goal step by step.
I will appreciate your further help and encouragement.

President Yasukuni Yamakawa
 The management philosophy of our company
  We put value in the right and wrong than the loss and gain, make our company contribute to the society, and aim at the parmanent continuation.
 Our business purpose
  We offer a product and service to help the society and contribute to development and harmony of the world.

  We aim at stability of the life of all employees and the improvement of the personality.

 Three fundamental spirit of Sanwa

  Spirit of the independence

  Spirit of the creation

  Spirit of the challenge

 Mission of Sanwa
  Our mission is to make our society better throgh work. We work and take other actions so that we can give a good example for and be respected by others.
We make every effort to have a positive effect on all people and things to make contact with, and so that our society gradually develops in the good direction from
  around us.

This is our mission.

We work hard to achieve this mission and we make profit fairly to survive our company, Sanwa.
We also continue to develop for making more contribution toward our society.
We do not behave in an unfair way.
We do not tell a lie, either.
We respect the rules of courtesy, do not forget to be humble and have a heart of compassion.
However, we have the courage to confront bravely toward evil.

We work proudly hard to achieve a mission to make our society better.
 Company vision
  Our vision is that Sanwa will become the most respected company in the worid and continue to survive forever.
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